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NEWS 06 / 04 / 2022

Introducing the incredible bulk

As a global specialist in designing and constructing bulk air coolers for the mining sector, IWC’s range of bulk air coolers (BAC’s) help to keep underground temperatures at an optimum level, ensuring increased productivity and a healthier, safer work environment.

The latest addition to the BAC range is a containerised BAC (single and 2 stage) unit which is ideal for both surface and underground use. The BAC offers air cooling rates of up to 1 100kW, making it ideal for smaller capacity installations as well as spot cooling.

These containerised induced draught, cross flow BAC’s are equipped with directly driven axial flow fans, air mixing louvres and are designed to be easily transported to site, making for a simple installation that can be deployed to remote mine sites and can be relocated if required.

Our BAC’s are typically used for smaller capacity installations and are usually of the forced draught, cross flow design and are available in single or two stage configuration. These BAC’s are designed to be easily transported to site in large sub-assemblies making for a simple site installation that can be easily relocated if required.

Our full range comprises of both cross and counter flow packed bulk air coolers in either forced or induced draft configurations. Each bulk air cooler is custom designed to suit the mines requirements and our field erected BAC’s can be constructed of various materials and would typically include, cast in situ concrete, clad steel (hot dip galvanised or painted) or clad pultruded fibreglass structures.

IWC is proud to be associated with the South African gold and platinum mining industry and we have provided several surface and underground bulk air coolers as well as field erected condenser cooling towers across Africa and the Globe.

Some notable bulk air cooling projects include South Deep – South Shaft at Sibanye, Kloof No 4 Shaft in Rustenburg, South Africa, ROXGOLD in Burkina Faso and a tower for a copper mine in Brazil. We have also provided condenser cooling towers to a number of gold mines in Australia.

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