Cooling Towers Solutions

Slurry and Solution

Our cooling towers are designed with ease of maintenance in mind, have forced draught fans, removable spray lances (accessible from an external walkway) and are fill-less, making them ideally suited for applications where fouling of the internals would normally be a major operational concern.

The cooling tower is typically octagonal in shape and consists of a number of field-assembled, dual composite GRP panels, complete with an integral basin which is designed to be non-clogging. The structural panels have integral polypropylene liners with the structural laminate produced from a high-quality vinyl ester resin. A conductive carbon tissue is included as a corrosion barrier, as well as to allow for spark testing of the internal polypropylene panel seal welds.

Drift eliminators are assembled into easily removable pads and can be provided with an automatic CIP (Cleaning In Place) system. Drift losses have been minimized and drift losses can be reduced to as low as 0,002% of the re- circulating solution flow rate.

Successful installations include five slurry cooling towers for the Kansanshi Copper Mine in Solwezi, northern Zambia, now the eighth largest copper mine in the world, with two open mining pits.


  • Non-corrosive, long life and reduces health risks
  • Drift eliminators are assembled into easy removable pads
  • Long maintenance intervals and service life
  • Modular design results in simple, economical installation