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Industrial Water Cooling are a leading cooling tower specialist in Africa. With many decades of experience, backed by industry expertise, IWC offers engineered thermal solutions for every cooling tower need; be it factory assembled package cooling towers to the largest field erected cooling towers.

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Concrete Field Erected Cooling Towers

IWC are the leaders when it comes to designing and constructing large field-erected industrial cooling systems that meet our clients’ specific needs and operating conditions.

IWC offer various water cooling tower solutions ranging from counter flow to crossflow configurations, in either forced or induced draught.

  • Materials
  • Fills

These are available in numerous different materials of construction as follows:

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Steel (Painted, Hot Dip Galvanized or Stainless Steel)
  • Wood
  • Pultruded fibre glass

Various types of fill can be used, which are dependent on the application and water quality. Some fills on offer are:

  • Film Packs – Clean water
  • Trickle Packs – Moderately dirty water
  • Splash Packs – Dirty water
  • Splash Bars – Very dirty water

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Pultruded GRP Field Erected Cooling Towers

IWC’s Pultruded GRP (glass reinforced plastic) Field Erected Cooling Towers offer the best solution for long-term use in corrosive environments.

GRP is a modern material that has many advantages over traditional construction materials such as concrete, steel or wood.

These advantages include:
  • Exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to all types of “aggressive” water (for example sea water)
  • Resistance to weather conditions
  • High impact strength
  • Rigidity
  • Light weight

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Package Cooling Towers

The iconic EWK cooling tower is an evaporative cooling tower in a robust, durable and compact GRP casing.

EWK cooling towers have truly stood the test of time and thousands of these units are still operational after decades of reliable service.

The IWC FM range of cooling towers is a modular range of multi-fanned factory assembled cooling towers which provide high cooling capacity units that are easily transported and maintained.

  • Non-Corroding
  • Efficient
  • Reliability
  • Easy Installation

Designed for a long life under extreme damp and contaminated conditions, every IWC industrial cooling tower is constructed from non-corroding materials. The shell is constructed from heavy duty GRP. All internal parts are made of PVC, 3CR12, stainless steel or polypropylene and all fasteners are grade 304 stainless steel.

All IWC cooling towers are have a counterflow-induced draught design for optimum performance. The water enters the induced draught cooling tower at the top and is evenly distributed over the fill material while the air enters through the inlets at the bottom and is discharged vertically by the fan. Various types of film and splash packing in different materials can be installed to accommodate any operating conditions.

Each IWC industrial cooling tower is fitted with a static water distribution system with non-clogging nozzles. The exclusion of all moving parts except for the motor-fan assembly gives the towers excellent reliability with minimal maintenance.

Even the large Package Cooling Towers, which are fully assembled prior to delivery, can be lifted and placed in position by a mobile crane preventing extended on-site erection periods.

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Slurry and Solution Cooling Towers

IWC has developed an industrial cooling tower specifically designed to handle slurries, zinc solutions as well as highly abrasive and/or corrosive solutions.

Slurry and Solution Cooling Towers are designed with ease of maintenance in mind and have forced draught fans, removable spray lances (accessible from an external walkway) and are fill-less making them ideally suited for applications where fouling of the internals would normally be a major operational concern.

Drift eliminators are assembled into easily removable pads and can be provided with an automatic CIP (Cleaning In Place) system. Drift losses had been minimized and drift losses can be reduced to as low as 0,0002% of the re-circulating solution flow rate.

The draught cooling tower is typically octagonal in shape and consists of a number of field assembled, dual composite GRP panels, complete with an integral basin (rubber lined stainless steel) which is designed to be non-clogging.

Solution temperatures of up to 80° can be accommodated.

The structural panels have integral polypropylene liners with the structural laminate produced from a high quality vinyl ester resin; a conductive carbon tissue is included as a corrosion barrier, as well as to allow for spark testing of the internal polypropylene panel seal welds.

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Bulk Air Coolers

One of the biggest challenges in the mining sector is providing a safe environment for miners. Gold and platinum mines can descend as far as 4km below surface where virgin rock temperatures often exceed 60°C. To reduce the temperature to a safe level for miners to work in, a sophisticated cooling solution is required.

Underground mining operations make use of some of the largest ventilation and cooling systems in the world, incorporating various types of cooling technology such as evaporative condensers, refrigeration plants, pre-cooling and condenser cooling towers and bulk air coolers.

Due to the extreme environment, underground mining operations make use of some of the largest ventilation and cooling systems in the world, incorporating various types of cooling technology, such as evaporative condensers, refrigeration plants, pre-cooling & condenser cooling towers and bulk air coolers.

IWC is proud to be associated with South African gold and platinum mining industry and has provided a number of large, field-erected condenser cooling towers as well as both surface and underground bulk air coolers.

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Refurbishment & Spares

IWC has been active in the refurbishment of cooling towers for the past three decades. We also provide a turnkey services and spares solution to ensure your plant runs optimally at all times.
  • Spares
  • Cooling Tower Refurbishment
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Cooling tower spare parts including fans, motors , drives, couplings, motors, fill (packing), distribution piping and nozzles, drift eliminators and louvers
  • Replacement plates for all brands of plate heat exchangers
  • Replacement gaskets for all brands of plate heat exchangers in various materials e.g. nitrile, EPDM, butyl, viton, hypalon and silicon

Our industry-recognised refurbishment solution includes the installation of fill material, drift eliminators, spray systems and nozzles as well as fan mechanicals. Old cooling towers can often be satisfactorily refurbished as an alternative to the purchase of a new tower. Our services includes:

  • Site servicing of all makes and types of cooling towers
  • Full refurbishment of all makes and types of cooling towers
  • Refurbishment of fan blades
  • Alignment of fan drives
  • Site servicing of equipment e.g. dismantling, reassembly, and commissioning of all makes of plate heat exchangers
  • Plate degreasing, descaling and passivation in heated baths
  • Plate inspection
  • Re-gasketing
  • Pressure testing

IWC is a registered asbestos removal contractor and has extensive experience in removing asbestos products from cooling towers.

Asbestos mining existed more than 4,000 years ago, but large-scale mining began at the end of the 19th century when manufacturers and builders began using asbestos for its desirable physical properties.

Asbestos is a set of six naturally occurring silicate minerals which all have in common thin fibrous crystals, with each visible fibre composed of millions of microscopic “fibrils” that can be released by abrasion and other processes. They are commonly known by their colours - blue, brown, white and green asbestos.

Inhalation of asbestos fibres can cause serious and fatal illnesses including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis (a type of pneumoconiosis). Concern of asbestos-related illness in modern times began with the 20th century and consequently asbestos trade and use were heavily restricted, phased out, or banned outright in an increasing number of countries.

Despite the severity of asbestos-related diseases, the material has extremely widespread use in many areas, one of which is as cooling tower components for fill, drift eliminators and distribution piping. A number of cooling towers, both natural draught and mechanical draught, in operation today still make use of asbestos products which will at some point need to be removed and disposed of.

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