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Innovative Cooling Solution by IWC Enhances Efficiency at Sabodala-Massawa’s BIOX Plant

Located in Senegal, the Sabodala-Massawa gold mine stands as a beacon of productivity, situated over 650 kilometers away from Dakar. With the goal of further enhancing its capabilities, the mine’s operators embarked on integrating a BIOX® (biological oxidation) plant into the existing infrastructure to process high-grade refractory ores from the Massawa deposits. Among the challenges faced was the need for a robust cooling solution for the blower fans and BIOX plant, prompting a collaborative effort between IWC and Lycopodium to devise an efficient cooling system.


A crucial aspect of the BIOX plant expansion was the implementation of a cooling system for the blower fans and BIOX plant. Given the absence of an existing cooling mechanism, IWC was entrusted with the task of designing and delivering a solution capable of adequately cooling the blower fans and the BIOX plant.


A comprehensive cooling solution was devised by the engineering team at IWC. The solution comprised a combination of a 4-cell GRP cooling tower for the BIOX plant alongside five EWK1000 cooling towers for the blower fans. As a turnkey supplier, IWC not only provided the cooling towers but also included side stream filters and a dosing system, ensuring a seamless integration process.

Considering the harsh environmental conditions prevalent in the region, particularly the intense African sun, the decision to utilize both the pultruded GRP and EWK range of cooling towers proved prudent. Constructed with non-corroding materials, these towers guarantee longevity and durability, essential for sustained operations in challenging environments.

Our EWK cooling towers are meticulously designed for ease of site assembly. Once on-site, these towers were swiftly assembled, minimizing construction time and facilitating swift project execution.

Our pultruded GRP cooling towers are designed to conform to CTI STD-137 & CTI STD-152 standards. The GRP cooling towers require no welding or on-site fabrication which reduces project erection time.

An additional project requirement of the EWK cooling tower was to deliver minimal maintenance, prompting the adoption of a direct-drive solution that eliminates the need for gearbox oil changes. Equipped with fans and electric motor, the EWK cooling towers boast a maintenance-friendly design. With no belts, pulleys, or gearboxes, these fans ensure years of trouble-free operation, requiring minimal upkeep.

Furthermore, the inclusion of purpose-made fiberglass rings and fan support brackets optimizes inlet conditions, thereby enhancing fan efficiency with minimal losses. Stainless steel 304 fan guards provide additional protection, safeguarding the fans from potential damage.

Splash grid were used in the assembly of the GRP tower due to the very dirty water being used in the cooling process.


In the heart of Senegal’s gold-rich landscape, the collaboration between Lycopodium and IWC Industrial has yielded a testament to innovation and reliability. By implementing a cutting-edge cooling solution at the BIOX plant in Sabodala-Massawa, reinforcing the role of technological advancements in driving success within the mining industry