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EWK Cooling Tower range

The iconic EWK cooling tower is manufactured in a robust, durable and compact glass reinforced polyester casing.

EWK cooling towers have truly stood the test of time and thousands of these units are still successfully operational after many decades of reliable service.




The cooling tower casing is available with or without a water basin, and is made of glass reinforced polyester. All fasteners are from stainless steel. The standard colour is grey, however other RAL colours are available on request.

Drift eliminator

Profiled plastic elements (PVC, Polypropylene or ABS) prevent water droplets from being carried out of the cooling tower by the air flow.

Water distribution system

Self-cleaning, full-cone plastic nozzles are attached onto the water distribution pipes. These ensure a uniform distribution which is key to the performance of the cooling tower.


Various cooling tower fills are available and are selected to best suit the process conditions (both temperature and water quality). Fill materials are generally either made of PVC or polypropylene but other materials to suit higher temperature applications are also available.

Cooling components

The cooling components are carefully selected to ensure that there is minimal corrosion and no degradation (rotting).

Dark Room Louvres

The cooling towers are generally supplied with Dark Room type air inlet louvres which are made of plastic (PVC or Polypropylene), and prevent water from splashing out. These can easily be dismantled for inspection and cleaning purposes.

Sieve/basket strainer

The sieve/basket strainer is attached to the cooling tower outlet, and prevents dirt from entering the water system.

Make-up Float valve

The float valve is connected to the make-up water supply.



  • Non-corrosive, long life and light weight
  • Very high cooling capacity, re-cooling of up to 350 m³ of water per hour in a single tower
  • Individual systems in a modular system with several variants and modular designs, with an optional water basin
  • Low energy consumption and easy maintenance due to induced draught fans
  • Long maintenance intervals and service life
  • Plug and play design results in simple, economical installation
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