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The iconic Tektower EWK cooling tower is an evaporative cooling tower in a robust, durable, and compact GRP casing.

IWC Australasia has a comprehensive range of industrial cooling towers under the Tektower brand, these are designed for general industrial use and the range consists of a large number of models that can be used singularly or in multiple configurations.

This range of industrial cooling towers includes the following general specifications:

Every Tektower industrial cooling tower is constructed from non-corroding materials and is designed for a long life under extreme damp and contaminated conditions. The shell is constructed from heavy duty fibreglass. All internal parts are made of PVC, 3CR12, stainless steel or polypropylene and all fasteners are grade 304 stainless steel.

Our Package Cooling Towers are of counterflow-induced draft design for optimum performance. The water enters the cooling tower at the top and is evenly distributed over the fill material while the air enters through the inlets at the bottom and is discharged vertically by the fan. Various types of film and splash packing in different materials can be installed to accommodate any operating conditions.

Tektower cooling towers are fitted with a static water distribution system with non-clogging nozzles. The exclusion of all moving parts except for the motor-fan assembly gives the towers excellent reliability with minimal maintenance.

I chose IWC as they offered a total solution, including engineering expertise, which was far more than their competitors were offering. I am thrilled with the final outcome.

Pieter van Helden | Helden Distillery

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